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FBC Technologies is committed to meeting the diverse needs of our customers.  Please contact us today for more information on how FBC can help you solve your wastewater needs, please contact us today!

Klaus Siebert
Tim Fricke
Jim Donahue Scott Boyles
CEO   Chief, Field Service Installation Specialist
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About the Company

FBC Technologies has a complete line of engineered wastewater treatment systems which may be of interest to you.  We specialize in aerobic systems.

Our Bio2Bloc� system has been used successfully by industrial and municipal wastewater plants to reduce odors, reduce BOD, and eliminate ammonia from effluents. The system installs in just a few days, and has proven particularly adept in removing ammonia from COLD wastewater. Systems start at less than $10,000, installed.

The O2ctopus� system is the first floatable, surface-maintainable, fine-bubble diffusion system on the market. Our customers have demonstrated that one 30-HP O2ctopus� system can replace as many as SEVEN 30-HP floating splashers, in addition to helping to maintain water temperatures to support nitrification during cool weather periods.

FBC's O2x-Box� is a technology which can be quickly installed to boost your D.O. significantly, without adding significant horsepower to your operations.


Join our list of satisfied customers!

  • Kraft Cheese (Bio2Bloc� system for odor removal)

  • Vegetable Canning Plant in upstate NY (Bio2Bloc� system for odor removal)

  • Village of Elba WWTP, NY  (Bio2Bloc� system for BOD & NH3 removal)

  • Laurel Lake WWTP, PA  (Bio2Bloc� system for NH3 removal)

  • Quaker Lake WWTP, PA (Bio2Bloc� system for NH3 removal)

  • Elverson WWTP, PA (Bio2Bloc� system for NH3 removal)

  • Meat Rendering Plant, Cumming, GA (O2ctopus� system for O2 transfer)

  • Smithfield Foods, Smithfield, VA (O2ctopus� system to replace surface splashers)

  • Village of Elba WWTP, NY (O2ctopus� system to replace reef diffuser system)

  • Franklin Farms Mushrooms (O2ctopus� system for aeration)

  • Southern Ontario Poultry Processor (O2ctopus� and Bio2Bloc� system for BOD removal and aeration)

  • Sandersville WWTP, MS (Bio2Bloc� system for NH3 removal)

  • Yagur, Israel (O2ctopus� system for O2 transfer)

  • Honey Brook WWTP, PA (Bio2Bloc� system for NH3 removal)

  • Strathroy Foods (O2ctopus� system for aeration)

  • Haughton WWTP, LA (Bio2Bloc� system for NH3 removal)

  • Rothsay Foods (O2ctopus� system for aeration)

  • Simmons Foods (O2ctopus� system for aeration)

  • American Proteins - Georgia Feed Division (O2ctopus� system for aeration)

  • Town of Lineville, AL (Bio2Bloc� system for NH3 removal)

  • Cagles Farms, Collinsville, AL (O2ctopus� system for aeration)

  • Central Industries, Forest, MS (O2ctopus� system for aeration)

  • Town of Cedar Key, FL (O2ctopus� system for aeration)

  • Field Day Farms, Taccoa, GA (O2ctopus� system for increased D.O.)

  • Mountaintop Area Municipal Authority, PA (combo system for NH3/BOD removal and increased D.O.)

  • Town of McEwensville, PA (Bio2Bloc� system for NH3/BOD removal)

  • City of Wiggins, MS (Bio2Bloc� system for NH3/BOD removal)

  • Town of Crawford, MS (Bio2Bloc� system for NH3/BOD removal)

  • Cal-Maine Foods, Waelder, TX (O2ctopus� system for aeration)

  • City of Kings Mountain, NC (Pilot Creek WWTP) (O²ctopus® aeration system – modernization)

  • Cagles Farms, Collinsville, AL (O²ctopus® aeration system – system expansion)

  • Fort Rucker, AL, WWTP (O²ctopus® aeration system – grit removal modernization)

  • Griffin Industries, Newberry, IN (O²ctopus® aeration system)

  • Griffin Industries, Bastrop, TX (O²ctopus® aeration system)

  • American Protein, Cumming, GA (O²ctopus® aeration system – system expansion)

  • Winfield, AL (Bio2Bloc® system)

  • Town of Olive Branch, MS - O²ctopus® aeration system

We look forward to working with you soon !


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